The Year is 2029 and the mortal world is at War. Unlike the normal carrying on of human society, this World War has had its tendrils run deep into all the nations of the world including that of the Kindred. Some see it as a sign of the coming return of Caine, others call it the end of Human-kind, but whatever it has become it does not bode well for the planet. To seek an end to the struggle many of the Kindred Nations have offered their own to help silence the Human threats, and with this public outcry a hand rose from the blackness to grasp the reins of chaos. His name, Augustus Marx. Taking all of the summons from the Kindred outcry he has offered a chance for them to control the world once more. This time, as it was in the dark ages, it will be controlled with terror! Eighteen teams racing around the world, turning the mortal realm itself into the breeding ground for the chaos, panic and disorder that they want so much.

This story is based loosely off of the popular video game Twisted Metal. Each team will have a car equipped with weapons and ammunition, armor plating, nitrous, and any added effects they can muster, but once the race is underway there will be no changes made and you will not be allowed to exit the cars outside of designated rest zones. No UV protection will be allowed as you will not only be racing others, but also the coming sun.

Added Bonus:
As a gift from your respected group you will be given a special advantage to use as an “ICS”* maneuver. Also your DM is granting a complimentary dot in Resources for all players to aid in the creation of your vehicle.

This game is not limited to only Camarilla members, but no independent clans will be allowed.

8/9p – midnight

—Chapter 1: Let the Race Begin!!
—Chapter 2: These Colors Don’t Run!
—Chapter 3: Through Hell is the Mind of a Madman
—Chapter 4:
—Chapter 5:
—Chapter 6:

Non-Active Players:                                Active Players:
Wraith                                             Alcatraz
Div                                                Kitsune
Feral                                              Hawk
Bones                                              Trick
Cardinal                                           Byrd
The Professor    
Sexy Toast

Race Against the Dawn